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Dear CBC Church family,
I am so excited to let you know that Sunday school and children's programs are now re-open. We will still follow covid-19 protocols as listed:

1. Please enter through the front doors of the church. 

2. Your temperature will be taken and anyone with 100 degrees or over will be asked not to attend. 

3. There will be ushers to lead you to your seat and we ask that you please remain in the seat the ushers designate. 

4. Please wear a mask and practice 6 feet social distancing. (We will provide a mask for those who don't have one.)

5. Refrain from touching, hand shaking or hugging and keep your mask on at all times. 

6. Children under 10 yrs old don't have to wear a mask, but we ask that all children stay with parents throughout the service.

7. We encourage you to take care of any restroom needs before you arrive at church.   

We will give further instruction during the service concerning how we dismiss, giving tithes and offerings, singing, etc.
I understand these guidelines may be uncomfortable, but we need to remember that we are doing these things to keep everyone safe.

I appreciate your willingness to follow these directives and...I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU THIS SUNDAY AT CHURCH!!

Bro. Don Embry

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